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 It seems as if this all-pro wide receiver just hit a giant jackpot (Pun Intended). Brandon Marshall is all smiles after signing his 2 year contract with the New York Giants, worth 11 million dollars over two years. The contract is actually worth 12 million dollars with incentives over the next two seasons. Marshall is guaranteed 5 million dollars for year one, but there is no surety for a big pay year in 2018.
   The New York Giants, essentially got a big talent for a big discount. Brandon Marshall claims that other teams offered way more money, but money wasn't on the brain when he signed, Marshall was more interested in finally advancing to the playoffs.
   That last statement may have you scratching your head, yes, despite making it to the pro bowl six times and having 6 100 catch seasons he never had any stats accumulated in the postseason in his 11 prior seasons.


   Marshall  is very sure that he will break his 11 year streak of not playing in the postseason by signing with the Giants. He can contribute to that possible feat by lining up on the other side of one of the NFL's  youngest and best superstars in ODELL BECKHAM JR.
   A boat load of pressure will be taken off the 32 year old veteran because Odell Beckham Jr. is usually double- triple covered on just about every play. So having talent like that lined up on the other side of the field can almost assure him single man coverage, and we all know Brandon Marshall is a walking mismatch (especially in the red zone) ; standing at 6 foot 4, light on his feet, and weighing 230 plus pounds.
  Teams will have a very hard time dealing with this elite tandem, not to mention Sterling Shepard lining up as the Giants slot receiver coming off of a great rookie campaign, he too will be drawing massive attention. Brandon Marshall has no choice but to prosper in this new offense, he found ways to have productive receiving years with the likes of Jake Plummer/ Jay Cutler / Chad Henne / Matt Moore/ Jason Campbell/ Kyle Orton / Jimmy Clausen/ Josh McCown/ Caleb Hanie / Fitzpatrick / and Geno Smith. Marshall only had 3 seasons in his career where he did not eclipse 1k yards .

Anything is possible right?

   Eli manning is a way higher tier than all of those quarterbacks, Eli being a two time super bowl MVP should know how to work with abundance of talented targets. Also, Brandon Marshall can provide some real veteran leadership in that Giants locker room which is much needed, I believe Marshall can help tame the unpredictable temper of Odell Beckham Jr. during tense times.
   I predict an 80 catch 1200 yard 8+ touchdown type of year for Brandon Marshall if he can stay healthy through the course of the season.



Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is it me or does Antonio Brown deserve a new contract? ( Antonio Brown )

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      As we all know, over the last 3 NFL seasons Antonio Brown has been arguably the best wide receiver in the league. It seems as if he doesn't have a pinnacle on his talent nor stat production.

Here are some stats from from the last three years :

2013: 110 receptions -1499 yards - 8 TD'S
2014: 129 receptions- 1698 yards - 13 TD'S
2015: 136 receptions- 1834 yards - 10 TD'S

Not to mention that a Punt Return Touchdown was tacked on to those stats each year.


On the contrary the top five highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL ( Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, T.Y. Hilton, A.J. Green ) all failed to accumulate 5,000 receiving yards over the past 3 seasons.

Yet, that amazing feat has been accomplished by the underpaid veteran Antonio Brown.
Antonio Brown signed a 5 year/43 million dollar deal back in 2012.... that is about 8.6 million dollars a year....  pretty identical to Steph Curry's current contract situation. (4 years/ 44 million signed in 2012 ) now we DEFINITELY know that contract doesn't equate to his worth.
The top five highest-paid wideouts all are averaging at least 14 million dollars per year.

Antonio says that he is confident that the Steelers will ''take care of him'' and his contract situation.
a deal must be in the works because Antonio actually came to training camp, most wide receivers are divas/cry-baby during contract disputes. I'm predicting a 15-16  million dollar salary for him in his new contract, maybe 4 years/ 60 million. Antonio's spoils are way overdue, but lets see what the Steelers do.


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